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NAESB Current Committee Activities
NAESB WGQ Contracts Webinar Course

Welcome to the “NAESB WGQ Contracts Webinar Course” web page. Below, you will find a table, sorted by date, which includes all meetings scheduled for the immediate past 30 days, the current day, and the upcoming 30 days.

For individual non-members wishing to participate in a standards development meeting, either by phone or in person, the meeting participation fee is $100 for meetings/conference calls of 4 hours or less and $300 for meetings/conference calls lasting more than 4 hours. As an alternative, individual non-members may pay an annual (12 consecutive months) subcommittee/task force fee of $1000 (specific to a single subcommittee/task force) in lieu of the non-member individual meeting participation fee. The annual subcommittee/task force fee will allow an individual non-member to participate in the single subcommittee/task force meetings/conference calls for a period of 12 consecutive months.

To register, access the “non-member RSVP” link for the meeting or group that is of interest located in the first column of the table below. The link will direct you to the “NAESB Non-Member Committee Registration” web page for payment information. Complete ALL fields in the registration form. After entering the “Billing Address”, select the appropriate non-member meeting participation fee from the drop-down menu:

    • $100 for meetings/conference calls of 4 hours or less
    • $300 for meetings/conference calls lasting more than 4 hours
    • $1000 for individual non-member annual (12 consecutive months) single subcommittee/task access

Once all fields in the registration form have been completed and submitted, an immediate confirmation will appear on the “NAESB Non-Member Committee Registration” page followed by an email confirmation. The agenda and meeting materials for the meeting of interest is accessed from the “NAESB Committee Activities” page.

Please note for those meetings/conference calls that do not have a “Non-member RSVP” link, there is no fee to attend.

2019 Annual Plans:
    Current 2019 WGQ Annual Plan
    Current 2019 WEQ Annual Plan
    Current 2019 Retail Annual Plan

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Date Event/Location Agenda Minutes Misc.
June 12, 2020

Non-member RSVP
Test 9:30am - 10:30am (Central)    

If you should encounter any problems or need further information, please call (713) 356-0060.
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